Through POYNOR ONCOLOGY NEW YORK we perform the following: 

  • Risk stratification for development of cancer through family history, genetic and lifestyle evaluation
  • Cancer prevention strategies
  • Cancer screening
  • Management of pre invasive disease
  • Management of gynecologic malignancies
  • Surgical treatment of gynecologic malignancies
  • Consulting and coordination of care for breast and other cancers
  • Gynecologic care for women who have a history of breast cancer


Dr. Poynor is able to offer the latest in genetic screening for cancer and other diseases. Because she holds her PhD in Cell Biology and Genetics and has a vast experience in genetics, she is able to offer the latest genetic technologies and advances in an appropriate fashion in her office,.


Highly individualized prevention and screening programs are developed for our clients. These are based on personal health history including genetic risk stratification, family history, lifestyle and personal health goals. We are able to provide expert pelvic and abdominal imaging in the office, referrals for more advanced breast and pancreatic imaging and referrals to research protocols which may be appropriate. Prevention strategies include medical, nutritional and lifestyle approaches. Screening strategies involve advanced imaging, education concerning early warning signs and symptoms and referral to appropriate research protocols.