Natural Therapies to Prevent Ovarian Cysts


  • Reduce excess estrogen

  • Promote hormone balance

Reduce Estrogen


  • Plant based diet

  • Eat organic

  • Avoid animal products – if you do use, eat organic and grass fed

  • Avoid dairy, processed soy and their products

Reduce exposure to xeno estrogens

  • Avoid plastics

  • Avoid paraben based preservatives in cosmetics and skin care products

  • Avoid phthalates in fragrance and detergents


Decrease excess estrogen

  • Help to metabolize estrogen - DIM

  • Milk Thistle Seed

Increase progesterone

  • 40mg natural progesterone on days 10-26 of each cycle

  • Vitex – may help with progesterone production via the pituitary

  • Maca root – may be helpful for natural progesterone production

  • Black Cohosh