MODERN health  

  • MODERN health defines our approach to help our clients achieve optimal health and wellness and improve health span so that an individual can feel and function at their best.

  • The MODERN health practice focuses on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment to achieve optimal health.

  • The MODERN health approach employs natural and allopathic solutions to health issues to help achieve a defined goal and outcome.

  • The MODERN health approach relies on the foundations of nutrition, exercise, stress management , science and technology in order to help engineer the body for optimal function.

  • The MODERN health approach is outcomes driven so that results can be quantified and health optimized.

  • The MODERN health approach incorporates the human element to our care.

  • The MODERN health approach realizes that economics of care are important and works within the framework of the economics of health insurance to allow clients to utilize their insurance reimbursements as best as possible.

  • The MODERN health philosophy addresses 10 pillars of health in a holistic fashion in in order to achieve the best health possible. Our integrative  and allopathic practice in women’s health seeks to address these 10 key issues in a cohesive and comprehensive fashion. These 10 Pillars are the intersection and integration of traditional allopathic medicine and more natural approaches.

    ·      Nutrition

    ·      Exercise

    ·      Limiting Potential Toxic Exposures

    ·      Care of the Mind and Stress Management

    ·      Relationships and Sexual Health

    ·      Hormone Health

    ·      Gut Health

    ·      Disease Risk Stratification and Management of Risk

    ·      Disease Screening

    ·      Acute Treatment of Disease and Chronic Management of Disease