Our office is located at 157 East 81st Street, New York New York between Lexington and Third Avenue,  on the upper east side in Manhattan.

Ours of phone requests are 8am until 5pm EST each day.

If the telephone message is on during these hours, we are not closed and our lines are in use. Please leave a message and we will contact you before close of business on the same day for non urgent matters. If you have an urgent matter, we will contact you immediately.

We accommodate clients for office visits between the hours of 8am and 6pm EST. Early and late appointments can be made by request.

Imaging with Barbara Scheffer is conducted Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week.

Nutrition and holistic care consultations with Alla Atlas are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday. Special requests can be accommodated. 

Energy healing with Antoinette Aurel is generally conducted when the office is quiet on Fridays. Special requests can be accommodated.

Operative procedures are generally conducted on Fridays.