Modern Hormone Support

We distinguish modern hormone support from traditional menopausal hormone replacement therapy by the following principles:

  • Modern hormone support should recognize that important and fluctuating women’s hormones extend beyond estradiol and the ovaries, and are more complex to include: progesterone, androgens, thyroid, and adrenal hormones.

  • Modern hormone support initiates subtle replacement strategies when women begin to experience hormone fluctuations and support strategies should be highly individualized.

  • Modern hormone support is outcomes driven. The human body is complex and is not static; the balance of the body changes with age, internal and external stressors. Thus, replacement strategies should be assessed and adjusted as the body reacts and changes.

  • Modern hormone support recognizes that there are important differences between traditional conjugated estrogens and bioidentical estrogens. Similarly, there are differences between synthetic progestins and natural progesterone. These differences, while well accepted in the integrative community, should be more accepted in the allopathic community as science is demonstrating critical differences.

  • Modern hormone support recognizes that there is a vast amount of research that is required to assess the true impact of hormone support on the health span of women. Studies poorly designed will not benefit women, and may cause harm.

  • Modern hormone support realizes that the impact of hormonal fluctuations on a woman’s health and wellbeing is complex; and along with typical gynecologic issues, issues such as mental, cardiac, cognitive health concerns should be addressed.